The Future of Open Edge Infrastructures


During the past decade cloud computing outgrew the walls of traditional large data centers and started to take over the edge. This technology evolution opened up endless opportunities to create new applications along with better utilizing hardware resources that are closer to the end users.

The new opportunities also brought in new challenges and put well-known ones back into the spotlight. End-to-end edge infrastructures often grow to a massive scale in a geographically distributed fashion, which results in innovative, but still complex solutions.Along with the challenges in the software space, hardware solutions are also becoming more diverse that the software layer has to seamlessly support from the core out to the edge. To address these needs, open source infrastructure has become more important than ever before to provide access to solutions that are interoperable, easy to integrate and are natural extensions to what is already available in the central clouds.

This talk will highlight the challenges of building infrastructure from core to edge and introduce open source solutions, such as the StarlingX project, that are already running in production around the globe.

Open Infrastructure Foundation
Senior Manager, Community & Ecosystem

Ildikó is working for the Open Infrastructure Foundation as Senior Manager, Community & Ecosystem. As part of her role, she is the Community Manager for the StarlingX open source edge cloud project. Her focus areas within the Foundation further include Telecommunications, NFV and Edge Computing. She is also co-leader of the OpenInfra Edge Computing Group and active participant in open source communities such as Anuket, State of the Edge and more.